Best Android apps to Learn Hacking 2018

In this article i am going to tell you about the some amazing apps for your phone which helps you if you want to learn hacking.These are Apps are really simple and Easy to use and moreover available on playstore without any cost.I hope you will enjoy this Post.So Lets move on the real topic.

Here is the list of all apps which helps you to learn hacking on your Android device.

1:Geek App 2.0

This app is best and really simple app if you want to learn hacking on android phone.This app is very lite in size.Geek app works as step by step guide for you if you want to learn hacking and also keep you updated with latest tech new.So basically geek app is not only for learn hacking but also tells and update you with latest tech news.

Key Features
  • This app is equiped with pictures and videos which helps you for better understanding.
  • Unlike other application this app is specially design for the begginers
  • So for begginers this app is definetly helpful because of its simplicity.
  • If you start learning from this app you will not get stuck in the middle.

This apps will learn you about


Wifi hacking

Trojan Introduction to trojans

Keyloggers introduction to keyloggers

Hack app data

And many More things

You can download this app from following link.

2:Hackers Reference

This is the best App to learn hacking but i am surprised becuase rating of this app is less(3.9)  than many other useless app on playstore.But this is one of the best app if you want learn hacking on android.This app is totally free of cost but you can buy it if you want to appreciate developers work but there is not difference between free and paid one.

After using this app you will be able to know what is SQL Injection,how its performed an hex from binary and lots of more things.This app learn you from the very begining so thats why this is the best app for beginners.

Key features
  • This app is best for begginers who want to learn hacking on Android.
  • Easy interface so every one easily use that and also diveded in sections.
  • All basics knowledge is available in this single app

If you want to download this app you can download it from the following link.

3:Ethical Hacking Tutorial (Kali linux)

This applications hacking will helps you to learn ethical hacking from begginers to expert level.So if you are a begginers  this application would definetly helps you to learn hacking easily.

    • You can easily download this app from playstore free of cost
    • This app learn you ethical hacking from begginer to advace level
    • Easy interface for easy use for everyone

if you want to download this app you can download from the following link.

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