Make android fingerprint

Every want fingerprint sensor in his mobile.All newer mobile phones coming in nowadays are present in the Fingerprint sensor. But if you talk about 1 year or 2 years ago today, then if you used to take a mobile of 20000 also you did not get a fingerprint sensor. But nowadays if you take a mobile of 10,000, then there are chances that there is a fingerprint sensor in it. Now many of you are people whose mobile does not have a fingerprint sensor, they want to use the fingerprint sensor in their mobile

Today in this article, I will tell you how you can unlock your mobile through Finger Yes friends and your camera will do this work or your camera will work as your fingerprint sensor .Interestingly, you do not have too much data and there is a small application that you can use to make your mobile fingerprint I will give you this link under this article, from where you can download Direct from Google Play Store

Now if we want to talk about it, how to use it, it is very easy Now as soon as the application launches in mobile, It will ask you to set a password or a pin Now this password will be useful to you if you ever have your fingerprint not working for you. If such a problem arises then So this is a very cool app you can download by clicking on the Direct link.

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