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Hello guys,today we are going to talk about some amazing and powerful android apps which are actually used for diagnoses of  vulnerabilities,Password cracking etc so all the apps in our list are not available on playstore so i will provide you the link of every app after review so that you can easily download every app.

NOTE: This article is only for educational purposes

As you know if you are a smartphone user you may easily find some powerful advance apps for hacking purposes but these apps are not able to compete with any powerful kali linux software of PC and you can use these apps for simple hacking but these apps are almost useless for advance work like professional hacker do with linux operating system but on the other hand these apps are easy to use because you dont need any kind of hacking or programming language just download and start your basic works so yeah this is the plus point for these kinds of apps so without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.


zANTI is a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets security managers assess the risk level of a network with the push of a button. This easy to use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network. zANTI could be called an application that brings the energy of Backtrack on your Android gadget. When you login into zANTI, it maps the whole system and sniffs the sites being gone by alongside their treats on account of ARP store harming on gadgets. The different modules in the application are system mapping, port disclosure, sniffing, parcel control, DoS, MITM, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

zANTI Uncover authentication, backdoor, and brute-force attacks, DNS and protocol-specific attacks and rogue access points using a comprehensive range of full customizable network reconnaissance scans. zANTI Enable Security Officers to easily evaluate an organization’s network and automatically diagnose vulnerabilities within mobile devices or web sites using a host of penetration tests including, man-in-the-Middle (MITM), password cracking and metasploit.


The best Wifi Killer Android Application is WiFi Kill. What this app does basically is to remove unauthorized devices connected to your wifi router. Most times, unauthorized users that is connected to a wifi network, and makes use of this app can also remove other connected device.

Take for instance, you’re in a café, and connected to their Wifi, with the help of wifi killer apk, you can easily disconnect other connected users in the router to consume enough bandwidth (but it’s not legal). So use for good reason like removing unauthorized users from your own network.

This application is really easy to use and youshouldmust try this application at least for one time and you can download this app from the following link.

Wpa Wps Tester


Wi-Fi Kill is an open source app. This ethical hacking app is very similar to an app called net cut in Windows OS, this app is capable of cutting off anyone’s Wi-Fi over your network. The simple and user-friendly interface makes this app very popular in this field. This app is extremely useful when you have an open Wi-Fi or WPA based Wi-Fi network not protected by a strong password.

You can cut off the Wi-Fi of the intruder by just a few clicks on your device.What makes this app great is that it is very easy to use and even a Newbie can find it extremely easy to use owing to its lucid and interactive interface and easy-to-use tools. Using this app, you can also see what another user is browsing and downloading in your Wi-Fi network. You can also monitor the amount of data being accessed by a particular user on the network. You can also find out the name of the company of a Particular victim using the same Wi-Fi.This app is extremely popular because of its simple and efficient UI.So in simple words this application is widely used for wifi security and hacking.You can download this app from the following link.

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