Best Apps for Increasing Views And Subscribers On Youtube

Now a days people are earning reasonable amount of money from youtube and even people are making thousands of dollars (if they have good number of subscribers) from youtube.Moreover if you have good number of subscribers on youtube  and your videos are getting 100,000 views in average you will get sponserships from different brands of your category and easily brands pays you 500-1K Dollars for one single promotional video.In short,Youtube is a very benificial platform for making money by Broadcasting your talelent.

Mostly Newbies who makes new channel become worried after posting some videos (10-30) But Youtube algorithm only support constant uploads.Following are some pro tips for getting views Easily on youtube.

  •  First of all upload videos constantly
  • You should make a schedule of uploading e.g upload regulary, 2 in a week or one in a week
  • You should select fix time of uploading so that your audience knows that your video come out 8 or 9 pm or on any other fix time.
  • After following above basic tips now you should select attractive title which attract audience.
  • Attractive thumbnail is most important thing for getting views because main thing is thumbnail and more than 90% people watch video on the basis of thumbnail.
  • Tags are also play an important role in getting views but always add tags related to your video because if you add tags which is not related to your video youtube team may terminate your channel because it is spams.
  • Avoid to use copyrighted material in your videos
  • Must reads all the  the the community guidline and never voilates any term of youtube.

So these are the only tips which helps you to grow your channel and you will get views  and subscriber by following above points.There is no other magic of getting views or subscribers.

So followingapp which helps you to grow your youtube channel and monitor your views and subscribers.


The world’s No1 browser extension for YouTube Creators for boosting there videos is now available on-the-go with TubeBuddy Mobile. Get more views and subscribers by optimizing your videos for organic growth and access all-things-your-channel quickly and easily.

Best Feature
  •   Keyword Research
  •  Suggested Tags
  •  Tag Explorer
  •  Tag Rankings
  •  Comment Moderation
  •  Canned Responses
  • Comment Filters
  • Commenter’s Subscriber Count
  • Channel Milestones
  • Download to your Photos Library
  •  Share on Social Networks
  •  Video Management & Optimizaiton
  • SEO Stats
  • Industry News
  •  Track Video Topics

You can download this app from the playstore by following link.

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