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we all like watching movies So I thought why not tell you about any such application so that we can see and download movies So I have used a lot of applications and I have made enough videos about it on my channel so that you can watch the movies Latest Movies In a similar video, I will say about a week or a month, that you know about the New New application and you are watching movies and so on. Now, many of you guys complain to me that if the brothers can see the movie online but can not download it, then I thought why not You can tell how to watch movies and how to download .Many of you know that the video quality is not so good for those who go to new movies .But still we see movies and download them.There are also many apps on Google that allow you to watch and download movies online  .Similar apps are available to you if you search on Google . there is a lot of  Apps in addition to this which gives you this facility. Can you also download movies and watch online? One of those applications is popcorn time.

So today the application I am telling you, free flex what you can do with this application, you can also watch the movie. You can also download different types of live TV shows can also watch the live channels of your choice. Apart from this, if you talk about this app, you get many more benefits in addition to this app. Apart from this, it is not too heavy and you can download it for your mobile.

Not only do you get Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but you can also watch movies from any country in the world like Japanese German and so on. In addition to the movies, let’s make movies on one side, you can also see the cartoons in it, which are necessary for children’s entertainment. So you get a Variety of Cartoons in which you get to see very good cartoons which can lead to a lot of people so friends hope you like it


If you want some more detail then you can visit my channel top4U and after subscribing to it, you can also watch this video in which I have used this application and told you  the details of this app


You can download this application  by pressing the download button below.

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