Risk Of Using Mod Apps of Whatsapp

Everyone want to use extra features in whatsapp but mostly dont know the risk of mod apps so if you are using mod apk of whatsapp you should be aware of risk that you may face in future because of mod apk usage and i am really sorry i am not really active and not posting from long time but now i try to post articles regularly I am writing this article only for awareness among the peoples who currently using mods apk I hope so this article helps you a lot and you guys enjoyed this article so if you like this article please share with your friends so without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.

What happened when you send message through mod apk

Message is sent directly to whatsapp servers in a same way original whatsapp do. And Technically message can not be forwarded by any Third party service because Whatsapp use MAC address and special Encryption Key assigned to per device to verify authenticity. So messaging is SERVER BASED process. and can’t be Modded.

How Mods apk provides extra features as Hide Online status etc?

This information are transmitted to Whatsapp server by Device. for example when you open Whatsapp. Activity whatsapp.open is recorded by whatsapp servers. Modded version of whatsapp Prohibits this info transmission to whatsapp server so they treat you as offline. so this is DEVICE BASED operations. and can be modified. Android is open source platform so Modding of Device Based process and components is possible  reason they can not white label their app is copyright issues. You should run Anti Spyware Scan to be double assure.


The forked versions of WhatsApp are not safe to use even though they may promise you to provide some great features which are not available in traditional WA from the original developer. The Apps like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp or for any instance any other modified versions of WA may hinder your privacy as the messages are not served from the authentic servers like the one which is hosted by WhatsApp LLC. from Facebook.

 According to the online researchers at Internet Research Institute, the modified versions of WhatsApp are more prone to inject Malware and Spyware due to less secure hosted servers. They are more vulnerable to cause damage to users data.

It is very much dangerous to send any confidential info like Banking credentials, Passwords or any other personal detail which may put your privacy at risk.

Using WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp is not illegal but it is against WhatsApps policies. This may trigger the company to put a permanent ban on your WA usage.

These apps ask for permissions which are generally unnecessary for working of the app. The modded apps thus could harness users personal info which could be dangerous if your phone is used for any business purpose.The mod WhatsApps like could be potentially dangerous to the users, thus I recommend you to do not download them even though they seem to be very much appealing.

Example Of Mod Apk

You Whatsapp:

YoWhatsApp is another popular mod for WA and also known as YOWA. This WhatsApp mod has killer features which were developed by Yousef-Al-Basha. The App has a UI like iOS WhatsApp App and thus you can experience iPhone like WhatsApp theme and interface on your Android. You can lock WA without any 3rd party App Locker. It also features all other important features including themes and low chances of getting Ban.


  • Usable as Dual WhatsApp
  • A large number of Emojis
  • 100+ language supports
  •  Inbuilt DND feature
  • Hide Last Seen for Selected Contacts.
  • Change the style
  • Stay 24 hours online

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